For e-commerce customers, we offer very strong paper bags (not to be confused with envelopes or shopping bags). The bags can be equipped with one or two self-adhesive tapes and a tear tape with perforation. They are made of KRAFT paper 90g/m², single or double-layered. For larger quantities, they can be printed with individual designs. The bags are very practical and sturdy, and their shape adjusts well to the content. Dimensions of MAILPACK bags [width x height x depth]:

  • 300x370x80mm
  • 340x420x80mm
  • 380x480x80mm
  • 400x600x80mm
  • 480x530x80mm

MAILPACK bags are moisture-resistant according to ISO 2875 and 100% recyclable. This is an excellent alternative to plastic bags! Such packaging will save time preparing the shipment and will have a positive impact on the store's image. Be eco-friendly and invest in a modern form of packaging for your online shipments.


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